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T4 | Showflat








3,600 sq.ft



The T4 Showflat is an exquisite studio flat designed to cater to the needs of young singles and couples, occupying a compact area ranging from 500 to 800 square feet.


Despite its limited space, the thoughtfully curated design elements imbue the studio with an air of elegance, appealing to the discerning tastes of the target demographic seeking trendy and stylish living environments.

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The living room showcases a tasteful combination of design elements, including stylish timber strip wall effects and brightly patterned grey marble floor tiles. This creates a simple yet affordable-luxury space, reflecting the desired aesthetic.


A unique feature of the design is the incorporation of a rotatable glass panel, serving as a divider between the open bedroom and the living room. This not only provides a sense of separation but also allows natural light to permeate the living area, enhancing the overall ambiance.

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Within the enclosed bedroom, a semi-open walk-in closet is ingeniously crafted using different design cabinet modules.


This innovative approach aims to maximize the sense of space, replacing a solid block wall with a visually pleasing and functional storage solution.

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