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Integrated Medical Centre




Kowloon, Hong Kong




1,200 sq.ft



Situated on the ground floor of a mature high-rise residential building in the heart of the city, the Integrated Medical Centre occupies a corner site at a bustling intersection, naturally drawing the attention of passers-by.

The building features a two-meter-long solid concrete canopy, originally designed to provide shade for pedestrians. However, this architectural element inadvertently cast shadows on the shops, creating a sense of darkness. To address this issue, soft lighting has been thoughtfully integrated along the shop front, strategically avoiding the use of spotlights that may disturb pedestrians. This clever lighting technique not only mitigates the darkness beneath the canopy but also adds an enchanting glow to the surroundings.


The expansive, full-height glass wall serves multiple purposes. Not only does it flood the interiors with ample natural light, but it also serves as a captivating display platform for the semicircular ceiling feature, suspended in close proximity to the glass wall. This deliberate design choice creates a lasting impression on every passer-by, contributing to heightened brand recognition within the community.


Given the medical center's focus on providing healthcare services to the community, particularly the elderly, the design adopts a color scheme that is understated and clean, while incorporating elements of rounded forms. Even the door handles are thoughtfully designed with rounded shapes, ensuring visual and tactile convenience for the elderly patrons.

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