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Since 2018, W Interiors has taken pride in offering innovative and specialized interior design services to our wide range of customers. The Hong Kong-based company was founded by Wayne Chan. We specialize in offering customer-oriented interior design planning services that are highly innovative and strategically designed. We have a pool of experienced interior design experts who will help our clients enjoy a unique experience of interior design right from conceptual design to renovation construction. Our vast experience in modern project management will ensure that we meet all the expectations.

Our goal is to meet the specific demands of each client with our innovative and creative design solutions. It is always our belief that every contact with our company will always leave you with a lifetime impression. We design our product solutions to ensure that our output quality meets the financial and design standards demanded by each client. We enjoy cooperation with top construction companies to ensure we take care of our client’s projects with a particular interest in every detail.

Our interior design services cover residential, offices, hotels, and commercial buildings. Apart from the modern and innovative aspects of our interior design products, we always ensure that our design spaces respond to the needs of people and the environment, through our ideas to express the unique space.

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Mr. Wayne Chan

Founder | Design Director

   Wayne Chan has both professional members of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) (Full Member) and Hong Kong Professional Interior Design Association (HKPIDA) (Professional Member). After his expansive education in interior design and architecture design, Chan worked in several global interior design companies for over 12 years. Once he had a rich blend of educational background and global field experience, Chan started the W Interiors Limited in 2018.

   Chan enjoys a rich vein of knowledge and experience in interior and architectural design that enables him to use different space strategies and innovative planning concepts to express unique spaces through innovative ideas. His vast skills and innovation enable him to cater to diverse customer needs by meeting the human needs and the environmentally accepted standards of operation at reduced operational costs.




2021 | K-Design AwardK-Design Award | Finalist

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2020 | Asia Pacific Chinese Design | Hospitality Design (Gold Award)

2020 | Asia Pacific Chinese Design | Outstanding Designer

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