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Integrated Medical Centre




Kowloon, Hong Kong




1,200 sq.ft



The project is located on the ground floor of an aged high-rise residential building in the city center. It is a corner site of a busy intersection and naturally becomes the focus of passers-by.

The building was designed with a two-meter-long solid concrete canopy, which was originally intended to provide shade for passers-by, but it caused darkness to the shops. Hence, soft lighting was strategically added along the shop front to avoid the use of spotlights to affect passers-by, and also to lighten up the darkness under the canopy.


The wide and full-height glass wall not only increases interiors lighting but also intentionally displays the semicircular ceiling feature hanging close to the glass wall, giving a special impression to every passerby in the community and increasing brand recognition as well.


The medical center provides medical services for the community, especially the elderly. Therefore, the color is simple and the lines are neat, also incorporating rounded design elements. The door handle is also designed with a rounded shape to bring visual and tactile convenience to the elderly.

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